Elevated Piercing

Established June 2017

       Owned by Erin and Donnie Lee. Erin Lee has been piercing in Boone NC for over 13 years. She was trained by her master piercer for a little over 9 months back in 2006. Since then she has been practicing and perfecting her techniques. As new procedures and techniques become widely accepted we are always willing to adapt to the changing industry standards. She is well practiced in all common body piercings. We will never perform a piercing that we aren't properly prepared for. This is for your safety and our reputation. We take pride in knowing that Erin is among the best around. We aim to keep it that way!

We now have another piercer in the shop! Erin has been training Jake for nearly two years and he has been thoroughly trained in most piercings we offer.

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The Piercing Rooms

We employ the latest techniques and procedures in our fully equipped piercing rooms. Touch-less hand washing stations, stainless steel surfaces, and hospital grade disinfectant ensure you're getting a professional and safe experience. Years of practice have honed our aseptic technique and we are both Blood Borne Pathogen and CPR certified. Rest assured, your safety and enjoyment is our top priority.


the cleaning room

We use a Tuttnauer EZ-9 Plus steam sterilizer autoclave to keep all of our instruments and jewelry sterile for your safety. We submit to spore testing monthly to ensure our sterilizer is always functioning properly. Appropriate sterilization protocol is imperative to keep things clean and safe. Spore test results are availible upon request.